This drive cycle has been used for many FORD vehicles since 1998. One important note is that it does not mention the O2 Sensor monitor test. Experience has proven that O2 heaters and O2 readiness flags work together. The O2 heater must run and pass before the O2 monitor test will run and flip the readiness flag to Complete! 

Note: for Ford vehicles equipped with Universal Exhaust Gas Sensors (UEGO), a variation of the HEGO step listed below is required. This is covered later in this section. 

Some Ford products have an EVAP Monitor Cold Soak Bypass Timer. An internal timer in the ECM determines Cold Soak. If available, it will be displayed on the OEM side of the scan tool under Current Data/Emissions. If the status is YES, the vehicle has sat long enough to achieve a Cold Soak, allowing the EVAP monitor test to run if the fuel level is correct. If it says No, it is not ready, but it can be bypassed. To Bypass the EVAP Monitor Soak Time Command, turn the key on with the engine off and perform a MODE $04 Diagnostic Clear, but do not turn the key off. The Cold Soak Bypass Timer will switch from NO to YES. After clearing the information, do not turn the key off; start the engine and follow the abovementioned steps. It is now ready to run the EVAP monitor tests, allowing other monitor's tests to run, providing their enable criteria are met.

The Cold Soak Bypass timer is not available on all Ford vehicles. The only way to be sure is to check the emissions page through the enhanced side of the scan tool.