Topics in this section include:

  1. Drive Cycle Pattern
  2. Drive Cycle Procedures
  3. Drive Cycle without EVAP video
  4. Drive Cycle non-Intrusive EVAP video

1. This pattern should be used for 1996-2000 Toyota and Lexus vehicles. These vehicles were equipped with a non-Intrusive Evaporative Emission System.

2. The steps listed pertain to the pattern shown above. NOTE: Depending on the startup engine temperature, vehicle speed, and engine load, these steps can run out of order.

3. This video was captured while performing the drive cycle on a dynamometer.  The factory scan tool at that time displayed the inner workings of the Engine Control Module (ECM).

4. This video shows the non-Intrusive EVAP monitor tests running to completion at steady cruise after a Cold Soak startup.  While watching the video, look closely at the PIDs (Purge, Vapor Pressure, and Vapor Pressure Solenoid); they monitor the system for leaks. Note:  The readiness flag status for this drive cycle is displayed at the bottom of the screen.