This page will address changes to the State of California Smog Check Program.

Future Testing of Pre-OBD II Vehicles 

• BAR’s Sunset Bill (AB 1263) includes several provisions including: 

• Authorizes BAR to establish a centralized testing network for model year 1995 (pre-OBD II) and older vehicles no earlier than January 1, 2025 

• Must be competitively bid • May include subcontracted licensed Smog Check stations (i.e., centralized/hybrid)

• Authorizes BAR to begin testing model year 1996 -1999 vehicles using the BAR Onboard Diagnostic Inspection System (BAR-OIS) no earlier      than January 1, 2025


• Although the population of older vehicles (model year 1976 -1995) is relatively small (615,200), it is still a large part of the Smog Check emissions inventory (17.6%) 

• Continued testing of this population of vehicles is critical to meeting State Implementation Plan (SIP) commitments 

• Shifting the testing of model year 1996 -1999 to the BAR-OIS without establishing an alternative testing network would: 

• Provide even less incentive for STAR stations to maintain BAR-97 equipment 

• Exacerbate challenges for owners of older vehicles seeking BAR-97 inspections 

• Increase pressure to exempt this population of vehicles from Smog Check  

• Establishing a centralized/hybrid network and shifting the testing of model year 1996 -1999 vehicles benefits consumers and the Smog Check industry 

• Improved air quality 

• Reduced BAR-97 testing costs for consumers who own older vehicles 

• Helps to ensure adequate program area coverage for BAR-97 testing 

• Removes burdensome BAR-97 equipment requirements for STAR stations who no longer wish to continue BAR-97 testing 

• Increases the population of vehicles that can be tested on the OIS 

• Allows a pathway for existing high-performing stations to continue BAR-97 testing

 Metrics / Criteria 

• The cost of a BAR-97 inspection 

• The cost of performing a centralized/hybrid BAR-97 inspection 

• Smog Check station willingness/ability to maintain BAR-97 equipment 

• BAR-97 vendors' willingness/ability to maintain BAR-97 equipment 

• BAR-97 test volume of STAR and non-STAR stations • Population of older vehicles 

• Contribution of older vehicles to the emissions inventory 

• Consumer complaints relative to the ability to obtain a BAR-97 inspection

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